About us

About us

We have over 30 years’ experience of property development in Sweden, the rest of Europe and the USA. And over 15 years’ experience of building homes in southern Spain. We are now taking everything we have learned into the next phase, which involves achieving maximum added value throughout the value chain using fully-developed property concepts and processes that have been planned in detail.

Our operations focus on two business areas – Property Development and Service Lifestyle. Our expertise includes everything from company management, project management, property development and construction to marketing, sales and financing. From idea, concept development and marketing to construction of the project. We offer a modern, new way of developing land and properties. Welcome to Classic Living Development – a new way of planning, building and buying homes on the southern Spanish market.

To ensure our clients enjoy an excellent lifestyle, we add value by offering services and experiences via our Service Lifestyle business area.


Classic Living develops attractive homes on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, offering the market alternative turnkey solutions for a social and sustainable lifestyle.

Classic Living draws on all of the expertise and experience of the company to create the conditions for flexible, efficient operations.

This allows us to offer modern, contemporary homes with services and experiences. This is how we add value for our clients.


Our business model is based on supplying sustainable, long-term value to clients, partners, owners and other stakeholders in everything we do. We achieve this by assuming responsibility for the entire process, from the idea to the finished product, and we add soft values such as service and experiences.


Classic Living’s employees possess a wide range of expertise and many years of experience in company management, market and business development, finance and accounting, design and architecture, technology and construction.

We now also have our own construction management, production facilities and project managers in Spain so that we can assume full responsibility for high-quality, time-efficient project implementation under the Classic Living brand.

Via the company’s associates, we also have access to expertise in buying and selling homes and properties, relocation, services, experiences, management services and legal services.

Our operations are run according to processes with a high level of use of digital and virtual platforms.

Our organisation is designed to add value and be flexible and cost-efficient, with high capacity to scale up operations.


To create and develop the conditions for people to live a long-term, attractive, socially sustainable lifestyle.

We do this via our vision to set up and develop the company of the future, ‘a digital, virtual company’.

Our core values are based on professionalism, clarity, experience, respect, independence and transparency.


Our identity guide combines our internal approach to Classic Living and our outward-facing image. Our advertising and marketing are homogeneous and our image is credible and strong. The guide gives you an understanding of the essence of the Classic Living brand, so you know exactly how we conduct ourselves on the market. You also get practical assistance on how to produce a range of advertising and communication material yourself.
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Classic Living’s Board & management

Håkan Adelwald


Håkan Adelwald has many years of experience of executive positions in technical consultancy, property and contracting companies. He has international experience from working in Asia, North America, the Baltic region and the rest of Europe. During his career, he has founded and developed technical consultancy firms focusing on construction, industry and infrastructure. He has also founded property companies. As a result, he has solid experience of properties and property acquisition, finance and management. Håkan has both chaired and been a member of the boards of companies, sports associations and trade associations.


Richard Jakberg


Richard Jakberg is essentially an entrepreneur. After graduating from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg and Miami University in Luxembourg, he founded a company specialising in the export of exclusive Swedish wooden houses to large parts of Europe and the USA. The company gradually came to focus more on property development in a broader sense in both Sweden and a number of countries in Europe.


Frank Lange


Frank Lange has worked in the accounting and auditing sector for 30 years, mainly for small and medium-sized owner-managed companies. Over the years, he has frequently been engaged by property and construction companies, focusing on valuation/acquisitions, company sales and acquisitions and advanced VAT and accounting matters.


Bo Lindén


Bo Lindén is a graduate in business administration from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. He is an entrepreneur with many years of experience as an executive in companies in the financial sector and a number of directorships in Sweden. He is the founder and chair of financial and investment companies and has wide experience of the Swedish financial market.


Lennart Rutholm


Lennart Rutholm has many years of experience in the banking and finance sector both in Sweden and other countries. For the past 23 years, he has held senior positions in the banking and finance sector in Luxembourg. Lennart sits on a number of boards of fund and asset management companies.


Peter Andersson


Peter Andersson has many years of experience in banking and finance both as founder and in senior positions. He has worked in Sweden and Switzerland for the past 30 years, mainly in asset management.

+46 709 53 30 20

Christopher Fäldt

Management Support

Christopher Fäldt is essentially an entrepreneur with many years of experience of company organisation, focusing in the past decade on construction and property development in Sweden and Spain.


Carin Osvaldsson

Director Market & Sales

Carin Osvaldsson lives in Spain since 2003 and has a background as a journalist and real estate agent. Among others she worked for the Swedish local newspaper in Spain, Sydkusten, for 7 years. She has been working as a real estate agent since 2012, with experience from two of the biggest Scandinavian real estate agencies on the coast. Carin knows the market and the different areas on Costa del Sol very well. She has lived 8 years in Málaga and considers the city one of the best places to live and invest, thanks to the people, the climate and the culture. She speaks Swedish, English and Spanish.

(+34) 647 648 419

Daniel Olsson

Project Director

Daniel Olsson has lived all his life in Málaga. He is a graduate economist at universities in the United States and the UK and has 20 years experience in the real estate industry in Spain. He has worked as an advisor on major construction projects and has a solid knowledge of the entire process from start to finish. Daniel speaks fluently Swedish, English, Spanish and Portuguese.


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